I've worked up a brochure cover treatment that I thought you might like to see. There are a number of elements here that can be fleshed-out independently and combined for a final product.    These elements are: the logo; the gold "W"; the company name; and the background.
   The logo has been re-worked for a more sophisticated look. This is not intended to replace your logo as you presently use it, but rather to extend your options as you add marketing materials.
   The signature "W" in gold is another attempt at projecting a more refined, or upscale image. Very striking, I think.
   The company name text can be any font really, though one in keeping with the overall sense of tradition works well, I think. Of course, your current company font would be the way to go. I'll try it, or something close.
   The chess rook is just a little something to go with the background that you see here. My thought was to play up things like: "a man's home is his castle" as well as other imagery of stability, quality, timelessness, etc. You get the idea.
   The background is where I started. An idea that really didn't go anywhere, but I kept the checkerboard motif and therefor the rook. The background field can be anything, bringing into play whatever it is that you feel needs to be emphasized as far as your own sense of who and what your company is all about. You might see your business image as more playful than serious, or more "techno" as per your logo than "old fashioned" as the deep colors and gold trim suggest.

   Again, all of these things can be treated seperately. This or that omited, tone this down, play that up. That sort of thing.

  The insides of this brochure need to be worked out, of course. There will be a two page spread for copy and photos and whatever else you might have in mind. The back could be more of the same with contact info, and a place to stick address stickers so that by folding the brochure and sealing it, it can serve as a mailer.

For other designs see:
Sample 2

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   Another somthing that you might consider is a pocket folder, rather than a brochure.

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for an example of what I have in mind.