Pocket Folder

   Pocket folders have a few advantages. First of all, they contain only that information that is current and appropriate to your business. You might print a run of 200-500, and because they are printed without the sort of information that can often change, i.e., your address and contact information, they remain usable if or when that information changes. This allows you to print more of them and reduce your per-unit cost.
   They are very versatile. You can use them as a sales tool with introductory letterhead, a two page brochure (4-color on one side, black and white on the reverse), business card, references, etc. You can also use them to hand-off preliminary drawings, cost estimates and the like. This can be made with one or two pockets.
Just an idea.

   Also consider a website. Once you have the artwork and copy for marketing materials you can easily re-purpose them for a website. And rather than print your marketing collateral, you can update information and keep your clients informed through the site. When printing business cards, brochures, etc., include your web address and you'll be way ahead in the game.

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